Become an Adoptive Family

Adoption can be a long and difficult process. We do not want you to become discouraged! Our staff is here to help and encourage you along the way.

Becoming an Adoptive Family

You may participate in a free, confidential consultation with a qualified professional to learn about adoption and about the GLAD program. We are happy to listen to your hopes about your adoption journey and help you discover the path that is best for your family. Home Study Services are available to all adoptive families.

Home Study Services

Any family pursuing the adoption of a child must complete a home study approved by the State of Indiana. GLAD is a Licensed Child Placing Agency in Indiana and our home studies are completed by a Licensed Social Worker. A Home Study usually takes six (6) to eight (8) weeks to complete, if there are no delays in obtaining the necessary paperwork. You will need to complete the documents and turn in additional documentation during the course of the Home Study. We understand that this is a lot of paperwork! It is not probable that all the documentation will be completed by the initial visit, and we are hecriminre to help you get through it step by step. The Application, the Consent to Release, the Resident History and the Request for Child Protective Services History Check (IN CPS) are the most important documents as they will allow our office staff to begin necessary work on your Home Study.

Post Placement Services

Post Placement Services are available after a child has been placed in your home. Once you have had a child placed in your home for the purpose of adoption, the State of Indiana may require Post Placement Reports. A social worker makes an appointment to come to the home, and gets information about the child including their adjustment to the home, health status and development.

Post Adoption Support

Post Adoption Support is available to birth parents and adoptive families when they choose to communicate with one another after the adoption occurs. Most of the time, adoptive families and birth families need a little help to get started with communication after the birth of the baby.

Criminal Check Services

Criminal Checks are required by the State of Indiana for each and every adoption. A court of law may choose waive the required home study when an adoptive family is pursuing the adoption of a relative child or step-child. In the event that a full home study has been waived, GLAD can prepared court approved criminal checks to help you proceed with adoption.

Adoption services include adopting an infant. You can apply for our domestic adoption program. GLAD will help you discover the type of adoption you are interested in pursuing and get you on the road to becoming a family.

Counseling services are available to adoptive families as they move through their adoption journey. Sometimes families need support and education on how to communicate with their children throughout different stages of their life. At other times, adoptive families may want to consider a reunion between their child and the child’s biological parents. Our staff is here to help you navigate these decisions and provide the support that you need to make the best decision.