Birth Mothers & Adoptive Families

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Adoption for me was a choice to love, a love bigger than can be imagined. When I first thought about adoption, I thought I could never do that. Now we both are changed forever because I chose to love my baby more than myself. Choosing love allowed him to grow up in a life that I couldn’t provide for him as a young, single mom. Now, we have both grown up. He continues to be part of my life and the life of my family.


Age 37

I was young, pregnant, and scared. Stuck in a horrible relationship that I had been trying to get out of. I was so depressed and had no clue what to do until my mom contacted GLAD. Let’s just say the minute I talked to them, things got so much easier. They were there every step of the way with me. My sad started to go away. My words started to lighten back up. I got to pick from so many parents. Finally, I found the perfect ones! Nine months passed and it’s time for my beautiful little boy to enter this big world; and, of course, GLAD was right there by my side. The parents I picked got the call and raced to be with me at the hospital. When they walked in, their faces were priceless and words could not explain how happy they both were. She told me how long she waited for this moment, and how this was the best early Christmas present that she could ever have. Their family was finally complete. GLAD made this happen. It went from being the saddest thing I had to do to the best memory I will ever have. It was such an amazing thing. I’m so thankful I contacted GLAD. Still to this day, I always know they are a call away. Thank you for reading.


Age 21