We believe that adoption must be based upon honesty, openness, and the right of every child to a stable and loving family.

Our History

GLAD began in 1985 with an idea to give birth parents control over their own adoption experience. GLAD is licensed by the State of Indiana and we have uniquely qualified professionals to help you decide if adoption could be right for you.

We understand that you might feel nervous or scared or just uncertain about your decision. Feel free to look through this information. If you have any questions, you can certainly contact us. Any question you ask is completely confidential!

Our founder, Nancy VanHoose, chose the name of this agency as inspiration from John 15:13 where Jesus said this: "Greater Love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends." This is what we witness when we work with birth parents who choose adoption. We see love. We see sacrifice. We see a good mom trying to make a loving decision that is best for her baby. That’s why we are GLAD to be called Greater Love Adoption Decision.

GLAD's Mission

  • To Serve Any Woman in Crisis Pregnancy while offering her the option of placing her child in a loving, Christian home. We intend to support every birth parent by providing them with free counseling, maternity clothes, medical assistance, transportation to and from appointments, and other services designed to meet their needs.
  • To Reach Out to Adoptive Families who desire to open their heart and home to a child in need. We intend to support each family by providing adoption consultation, pre-placement services and post-placement follow-up.
  • To Assist Adoptees in achieving acceptance of their adoption and helping them embrace all aspects of the adoption experience by providing counseling services to examine feelings associated with adoption, evaluate potential reunion opportunities, and assist adoptees in sharing their unique experience with the people who love and support them.

Meet Our Team

Julie Wells

Executive Director

Julie VanHoose-Wells has worked at Greater Love Adoption Decision, Inc (GLAD) since 1997. She began as a Case Manager and became the Executive Director in 2014. Julie’s parents, Rick and Nancy VanHoose, founded GLAD after their own adoption experience.

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Kyla Kares

GLAD Adoption Caseworker
Since 2008

Kyla Kares has been an Adoption Caseworker for GLAD since 2008. Kyla recalls looking at internship opportunities while obtaining her social work degree and immediately feeling lead toward GLAD.

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